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"We at LiberalResistance.net view it as our civic duty to resist an illegitimate and unjust Trump presidency. Trump represents and espouses a poorly cloaked institutional slide from deteriorating democracy into corporatized fascism in America. Trump’s political platform was created and propelled upon grounds of fear-crazed separatism, bigotry, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, sexism, racism, and the like. The danger that his administration poses to our nation’s most vulnerable communities, and to our nation’s moral fabric as a whole, is multiplied by the fact that he has continually chosen like-minded discriminatory, predatory and xenophobic cohorts to fill his administration and advise his transition to power. At LiberalResistance.net, we view the illegitimate election of Donald J. Trump as a disgrace to democracy and as a threat to the existence of America as we know it."

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Anonymous: A Message to Americans

Anonymous: A Messag...

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