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No Abuse Of Power

" No Abuse Of Power FIGHTING AGAINST ORGANIZED GOVAMINATI GANG STALKING AND ELECTRO-MAGNETIC MIND CONTROL HARASSMENT FEATURESWHAT'S INSIDE OUR GOAL LETTING TI VICTIMS KNOW THEY ARE NOT ALONE Our Mission is to stop the ABUSE of our CIVIL RIGHTS in America when the CIA, FBI, or other Law Enforcement agencies use the Electro- Magnetic Mind Controlling Machine on people as lab rats. Without a persons knowledge or consent. The organizers of this horrendous crime use stalking tactics in conjuction with the voice to skull device (v2k). When this type of harassment is brought to the authorities attention the first thing they say is your crazy and deny that this type of harassment exist. Our main focus is to bring this to the public's attention, because the Obama Administration is very aware that this is going on."

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They Remote Controlled Me To Meet Loretta Lynch:For The Department Of Justice

They Remote Control...

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74 days ago36 views

Justice VS The Voice on Illegal Harassment

Justice VS The Voic...

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74 days ago44 views

How I Became A Double Agent To A Whistleblower On Those Agents (PT 1)

How I Became A Doub...

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Obama Last State Of The Union Address 2016

Obama Last State Of...

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81 days ago40 views

Frank Evans Florida Secret Service Stole My Backpack #Secret Service

Frank Evans Florida...

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81 days ago41 views

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