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Oblique V-Ups Exercise

Oblique V-Ups Exercise

1:40100% thumbs up

1643 days ago422 views

Negative Crunch Exercise

Negative Crunch Exe...

1:18100% thumbs up

1646 days ago468 views

Modified Cow Face Pose (Gomukhasana)

Modified Cow Face P...

1:02100% thumbs up

1651 days ago648 views

Lying Leg Rotation Stretch Exercise

Lying Leg Rotation ...

1:02100% thumbs up

1658 days ago337 views

Lunges with Dumbbells Exercise

Lunges with Dumbbel...

1:01100% thumbs up

1660 days ago344 views

Lateral Single Leg Lunges Exercise

Lateral Single Leg ...

1:03100% thumbs up

1661 days ago367 views

Knees to Ball (Prone Position)

Knees to Ball (Pron...

0:54100% thumbs up

1665 days ago17739 views

Jumping Jacks Exercise

Jumping Jacks Exercise

0:46100% thumbs up

1666 days ago441 views

Jump Squat, Knees Up Exercise

Jump Squat, Knees U...

0:43100% thumbs up

1667 days ago278 views

Jump Squats with Overhead Carry Exercise

Jump Squats with Ov...

0:55100% thumbs up

1668 days ago325 views

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