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Daily calories needed for losing fat at a fast rate

Added: Feb 10, 2016 | From: jamysloaz | Views: 113
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Description: For years every person I know has asked me about Daily calories needed to lose weight really fast. My video https://youtu.be/rT0TqakPrAI explains how many calories a day you can eat and how to split those calorie between meals and different food items. For example you should consume around 600 calories a day from proteins, and less than 400 calories each day from carbohydrates if you want to lose body fat really fast. Also, you must increase your BMR at over 1700 calories daily. So, tto sum it up, your daily calories deended to lose weight is around 1500 calories with the condition that your BMR is around 1700 aclories or more. This will help you lose up to 1 pound a week with no stress.
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