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How to Make a Nature Bag

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Added: Dec 19, 2012 | From: Nature Bag | Views: 431
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Description: 9-minute documentary showing the poorest indigenous Asians making reusable biodegradable bags from a wild-growing JungleVine™ as part of a poverty reduction project. The bags are beautiful, versatile, stretchable, minimalistic, earth-friendly and an example of sustainable style. The miraculous cord made from the JungleVine™ is incredibly strong, durable and "grips" the cargo to keep it from spilling. The anti-poverty project labels them UltimateGreen™ because there is no cultivation, no manufacturing, they are made at home allowing good child nurturing and preservation of traditional life, they decompose after being buried if they should ever wear out and they weigh virtually nothing so that worldwide distribution requires miniscule carbon-sourced energy. Their production and use appear to be carbon negative because the JungleVine™ removes carbon gases from the atmosphere as it grows.
For more information go to http://NatureBag.ORG Video was made near Luang Prabang, UNESCO World Heritage City.
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