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Med Tech Monday August 7th, 2017

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Added: Feb 22, 2017 | From: Med Tech | Views: 1990
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Description: Med Tech Monday August 7th, 2017
Med Tech Monday

Med Tech Monday, a one day medical device conference, will provide Orange County with the latest medical device innovations, investment insights, startups and discussions with industry leaders as to where the industry is headed in the coming year. The conference will include presentations and speakers as well as an exhibit area. Learn about new medical device innovations, and hear from experts in the field. Attendance includes light breakfast, lunch and a closing cocktail reception. Parking is free.

Conference Attendance - $295.00 - Includes attendance for one, breakfast, lunch and all day access to the Med Tech Monday Conference and exhibit area and admission to evening cocktail reception.

Bronze Table Display/Exhibit Opportunity - $2,000.00 - This is a company exhibit opportunity, Includes two conference attendee tickets, all day display in our exhibition ballroom, early set up, your company listed as sponsor on Med Tech Directory's website, and listed in The Med Tech Monday Program. Exhibitors will be provided with a 6 foot table top for display or 6 foot professional booth (booth provided by your company).

Silver Sponsor - $5,000.00 - Includes same as Bronze Table Display/Exhibit Opportunity, plus: includes 4 conference attendee tickets, speaking opportunity during the coference, your company logo added to all promotional materials for the Med Tech Monday event (including, but not limited to) outgoing promotional emails, website listings and listed in the Medtech Monday Program as a Silver Sponsor.

Gold Sponsor - $10,000.00 - Includes same as Silver Sponsor, plus: your company literature distributed at the event to all Med Tech Monday attendees and exhibitors, your company logo on all banners at the MedTech Monday Conference, one full page, color advertisement in the Medtech Monday Conference Program, prime speaking opportunity at the conference. Gold Sponsor level also includes your company name as sponsor of either our mixer or lunch.

Platinum Title Sponsor (One opportunity) - $15,000.00 - This is an exclusive sponsor opportunity and is limited to one company. Includes same as Gold Sponsor level plus: Includes "Conference Presented by" in all of our marketing materials (including, but not limited to) prominent display on our websites, all marketing materials, banners, posters, emails and all printed materials as our event sponsor. Also, includes four additional conference attendee tickets (for a total of 8 attendees).
Tags: Med, Tech, Monday, Med, Tech, Monday, Med, Tech, Monday, a, one, day, medical, device, conference, will, provide, Orange, County, with, the, latest, medical, device, innovations, investment, insights, startups, and, discussions, with, industry, leaders, as, to, where, the, industry, is, headed, in, the, coming, year., The, conference, will, include, presentations, and, speakers, as, well, as, an, exhibit, area., Learn, about, new, medical, device, innovations, and, hear, from, experts, in, the, field., Attendance, includes, light, breakfast, lunch, and, a, closing, cocktail, reception., Parking, is, free., Conference, Attendance, -, $295.00, -, Includes, attendance, for, one, breakfast, lunch, and, all, day, access, to, the, Med, Tech, Monday, Conference, and, exhibit, area, and, admission, to, evening, cocktail, reception., , Bronze, Table, Display/Exhibit, Opportunity, -, $2, 000.00, -, This, is, a, company, exhibit, opportunity, Includes, two, conference, attendee, tickets, all, day, display, in, our, exhibition, ballroom, early, set, up, your, company, listed, as, sponsor, on, Med, Tech, Directory's, website, and, listed, in, The, Med, Tech, Monday, Program., Exhibitors, will, be, provided, with, a, 6, foot, table, top, for, display, or, 6, foot, professional, booth, (booth, provided, by, your, company)., , Silver, Sponsor, -, $5, 000.00, -, Includes, same, as, Bronze, Table, Display/Exhibit, Opportunity, plus:, includes, 4, conference, attendee, tickets, speaking, opportunity, during, the, coference, your, company, logo, added, to, all, promotional, materials, for, the, Med, Tech, Monday, event, (including, but, not, limited, to), outgoing, promotional, emails, website, listings, and, listed, in, the, Medtech, Monday, Program, as, a, Silver, Sponsor., Gold, Sponsor, -, $10, 000.00, -, Includes, same, as, Silver, Sponsor, plus:, your, company, literature, distributed, at, the, event, to, all, Med, Tech, Monday, attendees, and, exhibitors, your, company, logo, on, all, banners, at, the, MedTech, Monday, Conference, one, full, page, color, advertisement, in, the, Medtech, Monday, Conference, Program, prime, speaking, opportunity, at, the, conference., Gold, Sponsor, level, also, includes, your, company, name, as, sponsor, of, either, our, mixer, or, lunch., Platinum, Title, Sponsor, (One, opportunity), -, $15, 000.00, -, This, is, an, exclusive, sponsor, opportunity, and, is, limited, to, one, company., Includes, same, as, Gold, Sponsor, level, plus:, Includes, "Conference, Presented, by", in, all, of, our, marketing, materials, (including, but, not, limited, to), prominent, display, on, our, websites, all, marketing, materials, banners, posters, emails, and, all, printed, materials, as, our, event, sponsor., Also, includes, four, additional, conference, attendee, tickets, (for, a, total, of, 8, attendees)., August, 7th, 2017
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