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Last Fish Standing

Added: Jun 10, 2014 | From: ricsil2037 | Views: 197
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Description: My 8 year old son won 4 goldfish at a festival. These were the first pets he had ever had. The person at the festival told us not to invest too much money in them because they would die within 3 days. We bought them a small fish tank and put them in there so that my son would experience having his first live pet. Within 1 week 3 goldfish died. For the weeks after that, my son would wake up early hoping that his last goldfish was still alive. It has been 5 weeks and the last goldfish is still alive. He told me that he did not want for him to die and I told him that I could video tape him and he would live forever. Here is the video of my son's last goldfish. When he passes away, my son will be able to view this video forever.
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