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Basil Al Ghalayini, Chairman BMG Group

Added: Aug 19, 2012 | From: LivingPolo | Views: 502
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Description: Basil M. Al-Ghalayini is the Founder and CEO of BMG Financial Group in KSA. Previously; he was the Managing Director at The International Investor, London, UK, for seven years. Prior to that, he was with the Investment Management Division of The National Commercial Bank of Saudi Arabia in Jeddah and London for eight years. He was also the Secretary General of the Arab Bankers Association of the United Kingdom. He was a board member of the SME Council of Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia. Currently, he is the President of the Saudi-Syrian Joint Businessmen Council and a board member of the Saudi-British Joint Businessmen Council. Additionally, he is the Director of BMG Foundation and a member of the Institute of Directors, London, UK. He received his B.Sc. degree from King Saud University and CSS from Harvard University.
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