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10cc - I'm Not in Love - International Children’s Bible Version w/ Jean Stapleton

Published on 07 May 2019 / In Music

"I'm Not in Love" (Serious Version) by 10cc is based on the
International Children’s Bible Version of:

Isaiah 22:1
God’s Message to Jerusalem
22 The message about the Valley of Vision:[a]

What is wrong with you people?
Why are you on your roofs?[b]

Jeremiah 4:30
30 Judah, you destroyed nation, what are you doing?
Why do you put on your finest dress?
Why do you put on your gold jewelry?
Why do you put on your eye shadow?
You make yourself beautiful, but it is all useless.
Your lovers hate you.
They want to kill you.

Genesis 31:37
37 You have looked through everything I own. But you have
found nothing that belongs to you. If you have found anything,
show it to everyone. Put it in front of your relatives and my
relatives. Then let them decide which one of us is right.

1 Kings 3:18
18 Three days later this woman also gave birth to a baby. No one
else was in the house with us. There were only the two of us.

Ezekiel 36:37
37 “This is what the Lord God says: I will again be asked by the
people of Israel to do this thing for them. I will make their
people grow to be as many as a flock of sheep.

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