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10cc - I'm not in Love - Serious Version - with relevant scenes from Angel Dusted

Published on 01 May 2019 / In Music

I like the serious heartfelt ballad, "I'm Not in Love", done by only Eric Stewart from 10cc, better than Kathy Redfern's middle part that I'm not happy about since I'm a small 10cc fan.

I'm Not in Love:

short version is better without Kathy Redfern's midsection

Too bad that the song on a 7" 45 RPM single had Kathy Redfern's annoying be-quiet-big-boys-don't-cry junk ruining in midsong that 10cc's record label, Mercury had no time to omit, plus it's too bad that the repeated first verse was omitted too abruptly. I will call that song very heartfelt and bittersweet that touches my heart, because it's mainly all about marriage relationship falling out of favor. Besides it's very touching.

Angel Dusted:
Co-starring Patrick Cassidy, a young Helen Hunt and Jean Stapleton's real-life son Putch in a terrific lead performance, Angel Dusted features an early score by award-winning composer James Horner. Based on the book by Ursula Etons, the film was adapted by Darlene Craviotto, who also plays the boy's psychiatrist.

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