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10cc - I'm Not In Love - Top Pop version - Portuguese subtitles

Published on 10 May 2019 / In Music

I don't like the irrelevant be-quiet-big-boys-don't-cry midsection, created by studio secretary Kathy Redfern that didn't match the song about neglect that Eric was singing about, so I had to delete that part that didn't make sense and then I changed to relevant scenes where Ann Romano, played by Bonnie Franklin from family sitcom, "One Day At A Time", acts like she's not in love since her hubby passed away from pancreatic cancer when slapping Alex and Julie in the face that fits the song. Now here's the story:

I'm Not In Love:

Summer hit 1975, leans ten points on the slow imagined by the Mancunian group 10cc "I'm Not In Love"

- I'm Not In Love is the second single from the third album by the British band 10cc, The Original Soundtrack. A title released May 23, 1975 and written by Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman, guitarist and bassist respectively.

- To the rhythm, the two songwriters wanted to tackle something in the spirit of Bossa Nova. They eventually change his mind under pressure from the other two members that were not interesting demo. However, they eventually to revisit the draft by the absurd bet using the voice as an instrument.

- I'm Not In Love has become a gem of a production. In the background, the group, which produced all their albums, has been working to create a choir with voices of false 256 participants. Each member has recorded a single note or chord at a time (13 different sounds, each sung by 48 votes) to give this instrument print, which was then "used" by a mixer.

- This is the receptionist of their studio, Kathy Redfern, who whispers to micro "Be Quiet, Big Boys Do not Cry." She strongly emphasized also that the group repenche on the first sketches of I'm Not In Love.

- This piece, not the song by The Cure, who hides behind the name of the British band Boys Do not Cry, author of the single I Wanna Be A Cowboy .

- I'm Not In Love is about a man who lies to himself and the person he addresses auquelle, saying he is not in love. He ends by néanmons realize at the end of the title he wanders.

- The piece is part of many soundtracks: in particular we hear in The Virgin Suicides and more recently in The Guardians Of The Galaxy.

- This piece would be the reason which would explain why Paul McCartney has worked in the early 80s with Eric Stewart, head of I'm Not In Love. : Former Beatles would have had a real heart for this title.

- The piece was widely reported, either by Olive, which imagined a version trip hop , or Diana Krall and The Pretenders . Even Hervé Vilard has proposed its copy in both French and Spanish .

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