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The Fastest Pipe Double Jointing System - Pipe Alignment Rolls Demonstration & Review

Published on 14 Apr 2019 / In Technology


Pipe turning rolls for heavy-duty pipe jointing: the 40TMR.

The 40TMR has a 40 ton maximum capacity for pipe ranging from 24" - 60" OD.

Simple controls fit up the workpiece with minimal effort for maximum output.

Easy & quick alignment using rollers with hydraulically actuated idlers.

The lateral track motion rail system brings the pipe sections together. This eliminates the need for wood cribbing, manual jacks and constant crane reconfiguration.

Customer reported reduced fit-up times from multiple hours with two people, to a few minutes with one person.

...And reduced dependence on cranes, increased throughput and expanded capabilities in the shop.

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The Bottom Line:

Customer reduced fit-up time from multiple hours with two people down to a several minutes with one person.
Reduced dependence on cranes, increased throughput, and expanded capabilities in the shop .

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